18 Trends for 2022 - Jacopo Perfetti's analysis

Jan 14, 2022 | written by:

Download the paper summarising the trends for a more sustainable (and profitable) company in 2022, by professor and entrepreneur Jacopo Perfetti.

For years now, sustainability has been one of the key elements of any strategic plan:

  • Investors are more inclined to invest in sustainable companies;
  • Consumers are more aware and conscious of the sustainability policies of the products they buy;
  • People are more inclined to work in organisations that show greater concern for sustainability issues

However, to be something concrete, credible and meaningful, sustainability must be understood as a process of transformation that affects the entire company, from producton to communication, including the corporate structure.


Jacopo Perfetti

Entrepreneur, author and lecturer on entrepreneurship and business model innovation. He teaches at SDA Bocconi School Of Management in Milan and coordinates the entrepreneurship concentration of the Executive MBAs. With his consulting practice he helps companies and brands cultivate an entrepreneurial approach and innovate their business models (Adidas, Branca, Campari, Eni, Fastweb, GTech, HP, Rinascente and Samsung are among the brands he has worked with).

Download now the PDF by Jacopo Perfetti.


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