5 Sustainable gifts ideas for Christmas

Dec 21, 2021 | written by:

Every year at Christmas you are faced with the gift-making decisions, your sister just had a baby and doesn’t have time to think about what she wants, your mother just wants to spend time with you, your uncle isn’t coming for dinner and your brother already has everything! And on top of all this you need to think about the best way to give green and sustainable gifts.

Don’t worry, Treedom is here to help and we’ve come up with a list of 5 sustainable gift ideas  for you to use if you’re in a pinch. 


  1. Offer an activity (ticket to a local museum, restaurant, spa, concert, etc.). Dematerialised gifts are a good idea, you don’t have to wrap them or send them and in the case of activities, they enable you to bond with the person you are offering it to and support local business. What’s more : you’re offering an activity and good time together! It’s our favorite idea ;)

  2. If you can’t meet up with that person, why not buy a second hand book, or a book from the bookshop around the corner you’re always walking in front of? And if you’re stuck without a title idea, I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out!

  3. Find a local provider of baskets of fruits and vegetables (la ruche qui dit oui in France) that works with nearby farms for instance. It’s so fun and easy to receive a basket every week or every month full of different choices you wouldn’t have thought about and to come up with recipes! Healthy, eco friendly, and perfect for your sister and her new baby!

  4. Beautiful reusable cottons and face cloths, solid shampoos or bamboo toothbrushes are a favorite at our house! Something you can offer every year as  a renewal but also can be great way to discover products and ideas or to make the jump to more ecological choices

  5. A tree! Yes, you read me correctly, a tree. And no, they don’t need to have a garden for this type of tree as we are talking about a Treedom Tree! This tree will be planted by a farmer on his field and he will benefit from its fruits and leaves. So what will you get? The story and the pleasure of being part of something bigger than you. 


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