5 green jobs you've never heard of

Dec 28, 2022 | written by:

The global economy is changing, and the way companies incorporate sustainability into their plans is changing. Workers are looking for jobs that aren't just "work" - but have meaning. Real transformation requires new jobs in the sustainability sector that can drive change. 

But along with the more predictable roles, these changes have also brought about a whole new raft of weird and wonderful activities… here are 5 green jobs that we guarantee you haven't heard of yet.

1. Green Funeral Director 

Really? Yes, they exist! The trend towards more sustainability in our everyday lives doesn't stop at death.  Green funerals offer a more natural and eco-friendly alternative. They use caskets or covers made from natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials and little or no embalming.

2. Bicycle Fishermen

Amsterdam is famous for having thousands of bicycles in its canals, but it’s a problem that is widespread – almost every major city with rivers has the same issue. The metal and tin is a danger for living creatures and disturbs the ecosystem of the rivers. The solution: bicycle fishermen. With a boat, a claw and magnets, they fish for bicycles, which are then recycled as scrap metal. The circle of life. 

3. Ecotherapist

Do you care about the environment and want to help people? Then this job could be right for you. Eco-therapists work with external experiences in nature. The idea: by connecting our inner self with the outer, mental health problems can be improved. We discussed the related benefits of forest bathing here.

4. Environmental Lawyer

For many young professionals, the question of meaning is becoming more and more central when choosing a career. This is also true for lawyers! If you want to fight for the earth's right to survive and fight that fight in the courtroom instead of the streets, you might find your calling here. Environmental lawyers protect wildlife, work for clean energy and battle against the causes of climate change.

5. Panda Imitator

Let's move on to our favourite: The Panda Imitators. Let's explain. The health of panda cubs is scientifically monitored during their first years of life. To get close to the cubs as they are being raised, scientists actually dress up in panda costumes. The reason? The young pandas are not supposed to make friends with humans as they will be released into the wild at the end of their rearing period and will have to survive on their own. 

Bizarre but brilliant - we're excited to see what new career fields will open up in the coming years, no matter how peculiar they might be. 

Meanwhile, we're dedicated to our mission: making the planet a greener and more equitable place. 

If you want to help us do that, you can do so at treedom.net.

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