A greener world is a fairer world

Jun 23, 2021 | written by:

"Just as the bee collects the juice of the flowers without damaging their colour and scent, so the wise man dwells in the world".

- Buddhist proverb

It is one of those days to which we risk devoting less attention than we should, so at Treedom we tried to give it a precise meaning and build a campaign that would give our interpretation of World Environment Day, starting from an assumption: we are the environment.

The vision that framed the human being on one side and "nature" on the other, has now been replaced by the one that sees man as an actor responsible for the environment he inhabits. His needs and aspirations are not denied, but they must be 'sustainable'. In other words, they must be compatible with the prospect of a world rich in life for years and generations to come.

With this approach, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been defined by the United Nations to guarantee our planet and our species the possibility of a future. With our work at Treedom, we contribute to the achievement of 10 of those 17 goals, because in planting trees we use a method that guarantees social and environmental benefits. 

That's why we decided to celebrate World Environment Day, dedicating our campaign to spotlight how our projects contribute to the achievement of these Sustainable Development Goals. 

We believe that A GREENER WORLD IS A FAIRER WORLD. Because the two are (and must be) inextricably linked.

So we chose five trees and matched each with two of the SDGs that planting them helps to achieve.

Coffee (Ecuador) - No Poverty & Economic Growth
They cultivate, they harvest. The farmers who plant the trees are the ones who will benefit from the fruits. Coffee beans in particular are often sold locally for additional income.

Baobab (Kenya) - Climate Action & Life on Land
The baobab is a symbol of life. A majestic tree, it can live for hundreds of years and absorb thousands of kg of CO2 in its lifetime. Planting a Baobab really means giving life to the planet.

Tephrosia (Madagascar) - Quality Education & Partnership for the Goal
Tephrosia trees bring a wide range of environmental benefits. Planted in Madagascar, here we also deliver education and training for all involved. 

Lime (Guatemala) - Gender Equality & Reducing Inequalities
In Guatemala, we work with NGOs that involve local communities, educating women, overcoming obstacles and pursuing equality for all.

Avocado (Kenya) - Zero Hunger & Responsible Consumption
We plant in agroforestry systems, in a virtuous interaction that makes food production more sustainable. The presence of fruit trees gives farmers new food resources, to vary their diet and to mitigate the risk of a bad harvest.

If you want to support our campaign you can plant your tree with a click.

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