10 Tree-houses That You Wish You Had as a Child

Jan 08, 2015 | written by:


As children, most of us dreamed of a safe haven up in the sky, where our imaginations could roam freely and in secret. However, some of us have grown up and are still intrigued by these awesome structures. Additionally, some cultures don’t see these as a childhood privilege, but as a part of every-day living, such as the New Guinean Korowai tribe. Some countries have even structured these to be for dining or sight seeing. Here, we have gathered a compilation of some of the best tree-houses around the world that will ignite some childhood nostalgia in you. Let us know which one was your favorite, or if you ever had a tree-house yourself.


Three Story Treehouse (Canada)




The HemLoft Treehouse (Canada)



Teahouse Tetsu (Japan)




Mirror Cube, Treehotel (Sweden)




Finca Bellavista Treehouse (Costa Rica)

James Lozeau, fincabellavista.com


Beach Rock Treehouse (Japan)


The Free Spirit Spheres (Canada)


Treepod (Thailand)

Cat Vnton


Hogwarts Tree House (Scotland)



Temple of the Blue Moon (USA)


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