10 World Famous Trees

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  1. Boab Prison Tree

It is believed that this large hollow tree outside of Derby, Western Australia was used to temporarily hold indigenous Australian prisoners in the 1890s. A fence has been built around in recent years in order to keep it from being vandalized. It is also now a tourist attraction.

  1. Methuselah

This is the most mysterious tree candidate on our list. At 4,768 years old, the Methuselah tree is Earth’s oldest tree. It is located in the White Mountains, east of the Sierra Nevada where conditions are harsh with poor soil. So how did this tree survive this long? Bristlepine trees such as Methuselah have adapted to the elevation and climate of their location. In fact, there are ancient Bristlepines along the same trail as Methuselah, yet none are as old. The forest service has never disclosed the exact location of Methuselah in fear of vandalism. Therefore, no bystander knows what it looks like.  

  1. Cotton Tree

This tree has become a historic symbol for the people of Sierra Leone. It is not for certain how old this tree is. However, it is known that in 1792, a group of former African-American slaves, who gained their freedom by fighting for the British during the War of Independence, took shade and prayed under this tree after landing in Freetown.

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  1. Arbol del Tule

Montezuma Cypress, Arbol del Tule is located in the city center of Santa María del Tule, Oaxaca, Mexico and holds the record for the thickest trunk in the world. In fact, for a long time it was believed to be multiple trees until DNA tests concluded it was just one.



  1. Major Oak

Obviously an oak, this tree is believed to be about 800 to 1,000 years old and is located in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England. Folklore says that this expansive was the shelter where Robin Hood and the rest of his outlaws slept.



  1. General Sherman

The Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California hosts five of the ten largest trees on the planet. At 36.5 feet along the base and about 275 feet tall, the General Sherman tree is the largest of them all.



  1. Socotra Dragon Trees

These trees are famous on the island of Socotra because of their bizarre shape: an upside down umbrella. This distinctive shape is what gives these evergreens the ability to survive in the conditions of the island.


  1. Tree of Life

The Tree of Life in Bahrain is a mesquite tree which grows in the middle of desert conditions. The locals believe that this was the Garden of Eden because it is the only living thing in the desert. The tree has long roots that have somehow found an underground water source. The fact that it is still sustaining while nothing else is able to grow is truly nothing short of a miracle.


  1. Lone Cypress

The Lone Cypress is on the 17-Mile Drive, which goes through Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, and has become the trademark of the resort. This specie of Cypress only grows in this area and is currently suspended from a wire to keep it from falling over.



  1. Avenue of Baobabs

These group of trees are towering over a dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in western Madagascar. The trees are about 800 years old and were once part of a thriving tropical forest until the land was cleared for agriculture. These famous baobabs are all that is left of them and have become one of the biggest attractions of Madagascar.



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