12 Reasons You Should Have Coconut Oil At Home

Nov 30, 2014 | written by:


Coconut oil is one of the food staples we chose to make you more beautiful because of all of its skin benefits, but we thought it was necessary to break down all of the wonderful things about this oil. Some of these you probably never thought about!


  1. It works great for cooking in general, specifically as a dairy-free alternative to butter!

  2. Put in your coffee as a unique and tasty coffee creamer.


  1. Use it as a safe, natural eye makeup remover that won’t damage or clog your skin.


  1. Make your own organic deodorant with coconut oil as one of your ingredients, using this recipe.


  1. Apply multiple times on skin to moisturize, even great for any stretch marks.


  1. Apply it on sunburns to moisturize and relieve sun damage


  1. Use it to prevent sunburns! Spray it on before sunbathing to keep your skin moisturized.


  1. It’s also a natural deep conditioning treatment: simply rub some of the oil through your ends and work your way up. Then, wrap your head in a bun and leave overnight and wash it out in the morning.


  1. Mix with salt for a great foot scrub!


  1. Is your hair static-y? Rub coconut oil on your palms and then comb your fingers through your hair for a quick fix.


  1. Boost your metabolism with 2 tablespoons per day.


  1. Oil pulling. This means you swish it in your mouth for a minimum of 5 minutes to get rid of bacteria before brushing your teeth.


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