15 Beautiful Close Up Pictures of Your Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

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When we drink them we try not to think about the calories, we may try to not even think about what we are putting in our bodies. Least of all, we would never picture our favorite alcoholic drinks to look like frameable abstract works of art. Various drinks have been put under a standard light microscope with a camera attached. The light source was polarized through the crystallized drinks, creating amazing colors and patterns.

So who came up with this genius idea? It all started with research scientist named Michael Davidson, who was looking to find ways to fund his Florida State University lab, where he spent the majority of his time looking through a collection of  DNA, biochemicals and vitamins. He began selling his findings as print outs to make some extra money until a necktie manufacturer suggested that he look into magnifying cocktails.

The cocktail-printed neckties were such a success that they became available as framed prints for the public to purchase with BevShots. Along with canvas art, you can even buy scarves, coasters, flasks, and shot glasses on their website.


Here are some of our favorites we have found: 




Gin and Tonic


Dirty Martini


Tennessee Whisky









Piña Colada



Cosmopolitan Martini






Bloody Mary



American Draft Beer



White Table Wine



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All images from BevShots

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