2016, the hottest year ever recorded?

Feb 22, 2016 | written by:

2016 is still a baby year: it has only a few months, yet it’s already working to make history as the hottest year ever recorded. The little nuisance doesn’t want to be outdone by the just finished five years (2011- 2015) defined as the hottest ever. You have probably noticed by yourself, thanks to the last days with a spring weather. Despite the pleasure of being able to leave in advance your heavy coat and to do a day trip, all of this should make us remember, once again, that our planet is warming and warming cause of human reliance on fossil fuels. Nothing positive. In particular, eyes of meteorologists are looking carefully at Perth (Australia), Los Angeles (California) and Ontario (Canada) hit with hotter temps than normal.

The capital of Western Australia state is technically on its last month of summer but the blazing-hot temps in the city of Perth signal otherwise. Burning temperatures recorded don’t want to go on vacation and leave space to autumn, so as to have given the city the title of 'the hottest place on earth right now '. In 1933 the city had four consecutive days over 40 degrees Celsius, a record that seems determined to beat if the hot will not begin to wane. Even in the 30s it was quite strange: Perth is characterized by a very mild climate even in summertime, with an average of 30 degrees Celsius.

In Los Angeles, however, on 8th February, it has been breaking the record of 85 degrees Fahrenheit registered in 1996: the thermometer reached 88°F. Social media have fun ironically by publishing pictures of angels who enjoy the sun and the sea. The weather in Los Angeles doesn’t just mean long days on the beach, though. The gusty winds accompanying the warm weather might increase the risk of wildfires, obviously greater than those to which California is already by its nature prone to. And if there's hot temps, there's no rain: Southern California is still well below average rainfall and concerns begin to affect also El Niño, who is not arriving.

Finally, Canada used to experience freezing winters, given the latitude and the position of its mountain. But the Ontario region, the southernmost, is experiencing a mild winter, with a spring weather. Also here, on February 3rd came new records regarding the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the period which should be the coldest of the year: 16 degrees Celsius.

It’s undeniable that the world is getting warmer year after year. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced that 2015 is likely to top the charts as the hottest year in modern observations… that is until 2016. There is just a 5 percent chance that 2016 will be below the 2015 global average temperature.


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