4 Big Tips For Being Green When You Travel

Nov 10, 2014 | written by:


Maybe you want to escape the freezing cold of winter, relax on the beach, or discover new places. Whatever your goal this holiday is, we are here to remind you that you don’t have to heavily increase your environmental impact, just because you’re now a jet setter. Here are some helpful tips we have put together to help you be eco-friendly even when on vacation.


  1. Choose a remotely close destination.

Transportation is a big contributor to climate change and emissions, but just because you want to travel, does not mean you will have to necessarily increase yours. Perhaps do research on destinations that don’t require a lot of transporting from your location.  


  1. Think of the best way to get there.

If this proves to be a bit of an issue, at least try to look into places that don’t require only plane transportation. Also, do research on destinations that support sustainable choices, or look into traveling companies that do not impact the environment negatively. Try to avoid airlines with “short haul” flights, and choose flights with high occupancy rates.


  1. Choose the right accommodation.

Nowadays, finding an eco-friendly place to stay is increasingly more simple. Try to find a place with good water treatment systems, that recycle and are energy efficient. It is also possible to find places that use solar energy or hydroelectric power!


  1. Be as responsible at your destination as you are at home.

This means don’t litter, respect the plants and greenery, choose showers instead of baths, and re-wear clothes and reuse towels and linens. Even things as remembering to shut off the water and lights when you leave your hotel makes a huge difference overall! You can also try to learn the public transportation systems in your new destination, take a cab with a big group of people, or even look into renting a bike to get around.


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