5 Ingenious Futuristic Bikes

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Biking can become an issue to some people due to location, traffic, portability our physical condition. These designs show that even though the wheel was invented in B.C. times, the concept of two wheels on a frame has, and will continue to evolve. Here is a list of our top picks that make cycling easier, innovative and more enjoyable. 

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  1. “Unstealable Bike”

Riding a bike in big crowded cities is ideal, but thieves become a problem with security. Many locks are available for this issue, but nothing beats the practicality of a bicycle that acts as its own lock. This prototype produced by The Yerka Project allows the frame of the bike to detach and be positioned around any post or tree. This process is supposed to take about 20 seconds.


  1. YikeBike

A work of art, unique engineering, and versatile are the best ways to describe the YikeBike. With a 12 miles per hour capacity, this foldable electric bike, whose design was inspired by the penny-farthing, allows the rider to steer just by leaning their body from the left to right.


  1. Gianluca Sada Bike 

Disappointed with current folding bikes on the market, inventor Gianluca Sada decided to come up with this prototype design that maintains a good size, but can be folded down to the size of a backpack. His design includes spokeless wheels and a frame that is small enough to be foldable and portable, but not too small that it compromises a smooth ride.

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  1. Smart Wheel

This invention will make any ordinary bike instantly a “futuristic” bike. The concept is that this motorized wheel can be attached to any bike and replace the old back tire. The motorized hub on the tire can send the bike off into speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and up to 30 miles of distance from one charge. No worries, this ingenious wheel recharges itself when traveling downhill!


  1. Little Big Bike

Remember what a process learning how to ride a bike as a kid was? With Little Big Bike, a child can practice balance first by having no pedals and a low seat so they can gain confidence steering. As the child grows, the bike can gradually be expanded, have a higher seat and longer reach for handlebars. The last stage of the bike is to eventually install the pedals. By this time, the child will have enough stability and confidence to transition to pedaling. No more scraped knees or outgrowing bikes!

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