6 Adorably Odd Friendships in the Animal Kingdom

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Whether it was a misfortunate event or pure fate that brought these unique pairs together, these occurrences show us that if the rest of the Animal Kingdom can get along, why can’t we?


  1. Baby Macaque and pigeon


In China, white pigeons are seen as a sign of hope, and that’s exactly what one brought to a baby macaque orphan. The little macaque was abandoned by his mother and sent to an animal sanctuary where the pair met. The macaque’s spirits were brought up and he didn’t leave the pigeon’s side.

Picture source
Jianbin Huo, from CHI Imaging/Photoshot



  1. Elephant and Sheep


This unlikely pair met when Themba the Elephant became an orphan and sent to Shamwari Game Reserve. Themba was too distressed to eat, so in an attempt to ease her, the veterinary team brought in a sheep from a nearby farm, Albert to accompany him. The two became inseparable and Themba began eating again.


Picture Source
Caters News


  1. Monkey, Lion and Tiger


This trio, a monkey, a lion, and tiger, looked past their obvious differences and found a way to snuggle through them at their “kindergarten zoo class,” held in Shenyang, China. Opposites really must attract!


Picture source
Zhang Wenkui/Xinhua/ZUMA


  1. Frog and Mouse


Some friendships really do have their benefits. A photographer in India captured this lucky little mouse keeping his head above water during a flood, thanks to his helpful froggy companion.

Picture Source 
Reuters/Pawan Kumar (India)


  1. Hippo and Tortoise


During a Tsunami in Africa, a family of hippos was swept out at sea, which left Owen the baby hippo stranded out on a reef. He was managed to be rescued and as soon as he arrived to a sanctuary, he cowered behind a new friend, Mzee the tortoise. Mzee eventually came out of his shell and the two began their friendship.

Picture Source
Turtle Pond Publications, LLC



         6.  Giraffe and Ostrich

Giraffes are curious animals who love to explore everything, and they tend to use their tongues to do so. Bea, a 3-year-old giraffe is no different and there was one unlikely animal who was not fazed by the close encounters: a 10-year--old ostrich named Wilma. The two had plenty of other animals of their own species to bond with at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida but they clearly chose each other.

Picture Source
Matt Marriott/ Associated Press




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