6 Last Minute Halloween Recycled Costumes

Oct 27, 2014 | written by:


We’ve been there; you have had a busy few weeks and now you just remembered that Halloween party your office is throwing.
It would be great if only you had more than a few days to prepare. Don’t panic, Treedom has found some great costume ideas for you,
that will be easy and fun to make!


Materials needed: recycle a box.


Pair of dice

This would be a good idea to do with a friend or a significant other. It’s unique, clever and still simple. Your neighborhood and co-workers will surely enjoy it!

Photo by funfamilycrafts.com



Rubik's Cube

This costume is really unique and will definitely impress everyone. Thankfully building one is not as complicated as solving one!

Photo by thebensonstreet.com



Lego Block

Bring back your childhood spirit with this Lego block idea!

Photo by countryliving.com



Gift Box

If you have some wrapping paper and ribbon laying around, this one will only take you a few seconds!
Everybody loves gifts.

Photo by about.com


Old Fashioned Television

You can glue buttons to be the dials and use wire hanger to make the antenna.

Photo by wikihow.com


Nude Sims Character

We’ve all been addicted to this charming game. This hilarious costume is easy to put together but really captures the humor of the original game!


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