7 Ways to Eat Hummus

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What’s not to love about hummus? Made from chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, there are so many reasons to absolutely adore this food staple. Hummus can reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol, boost your mood and even improve weight management. It’s easy to make on your own, and it’s part of the “Mediterranean Diet.” Are you convinced now? Good, because we have created a list of different ways that you can eat it!


1. Skip the mayo.

Replacing mayo with hummus will make your sandwiches and wraps more “gourmet,” healthier, and even more filling overall!

Photo: My San Francisco Kitchen


2. Make desserts with it.

Dessert Hummus? Yes, they went there. Now hummus can literally be part of your every meal! There are different types of variations we have found, including some with cookie dough and even peanut butter chocolate. You can find the recipe here.

Photo: hummusapien.com


3. Hummus and avocados.

Either mashing it in your avocados for a spin on guacamole dip, or literally dabbing a spoonful of hummus on an avocado half, you will have a hearty mid-afternoon snack!

Photo: Curly Girl Kitchen


4. Hummus soup.

This garbanzo bean soup is basically hummus in soup form. We approve.

Photo: ohsheglows.com


5. Salad Dressing.

Have you ever thought of putting hummus in your salad? We have found that if you mix hummus with vinegar, salt and pepper, you get an incredible combination of flavors!

Photo: Cara’s Cravings


6. Spread it on bagels.

Forget the cream cheese and butter. Change it up a bit by spreading hummus on your bagels instead. Delicious!


7. Replace tomato sauce in pizzas.

This is a great option for vegan pizzas, you can even just skip the cheese because the flavor will be enough to make it a delicious meal!

Photo: Glow Kitchen

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