8 Beautiful Tree Tattoos

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Whether it is because of their complex shapes, their symbolism, or their beauty, tree tattoos have become very popular.
Some trees tell a story, with meaning behind their branches or with literal significance, such as a family tree.
Every tree is unique and has a different symbol.


For example, cherry blossom tattoos are believed to be a symbol of female power and willow tree tattoos represent insight and wisdom. However, every tree has something in common: they are resilient, bold and give life.


From the creative, bold and the beautiful, these are our top 8 favorite tree tattoos:


  1. In the classic children’s story “The Little Prince”, the baobabs had a lot of power that could control the planet.
    This tattoo captures the exact baobab illustration from the story, and the placement of the tattoo is stunning.


Art by Jason Nolan
Photo by Jaclyn Neff


  1. We love how complex, yet simple this forest tattoo design is.
    It is beautiful the way it is, but it is so versatile that more elements could be added to it, and would look great in any placement.



  1. We applaud the the boldness of this tattoo, but yet the contrast makes it harmonious.
    The shading and the fact that it’s on a very open, noticeable area really impresses us and it looks like there is room to add more elements to it!

 Source: marcelxo.com

  1. Tree of Life symbolizes that forces of nature coming together in perfect harmony to main balance.
    We have seen many different designs, but the use of color and intricate patterns made this tattoo
    by James Jordan (also known as Painless James) a unique take on the ancient symbol.


Source:  painlessjames

  1. The scenery that this mangrove tattoo is set in is breathtaking and the colors used in this are impeccable. 


Art by Carol Oddy


  1. With two dimensional framing and abstract depth, this tattoo of a framed oak tree by Oak Adams is sure to make a statement.


 Art by Oak Adams.


  1. This tattoo is absolutely breathtaking. From the composition, to the colors, and even the fact that it was inspired by watercolors,
    this tattoo by Jan Mráz reminds us why combining art and nature can be so extraordinary

Art by Jan Mráz


  1. This minimalist tattoo is a good reminder that good design doesn’t necessarily have to be crazy and full of abundant patterns to have an impact.
    This little tree is full of texture, which is what Dr. Woo, the tattoo artist tends to focus on most.

Art by Dr. Woo


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