A more sustainable coffee. The italian Lavazza also focuses on bio-economy

Mar 13, 2015 | written by:

The collaboration of two of the most innovative Italian reality, Lavazza and Novamont, after 5 years of research, give life to a unique product: the first compostable and 100% biodegradable capsule espresso. A totally Italian patent that makes the first steps in the era of bio-economy. What is it? It’s the economy that aims to economic development taking into account the entire life cycle of the product and the principle of "zero waste". An economy in which one can’t do without. Indeed, the new capsule compostable with Lavazza’s patent isn’t meant to become a waste, but a resource. Made with a special polymer plant, the MaterBi 3G, it will be able to withstand temperatures of 90 ° without losing stability and quality. After use, it will become compost and you can throw in the organic fraction of the waste. "After years of study, we are able to offer a product that keeps unchanged the quality that the customer expects" - says Marco Lavazza, Group Vice- President - But with a low environmental impact.

These cases give a solid future at new way of economic development: the green economy. The green economy that becomes reality, supported by research, innovation, technology, investments. In a word, concreteness. What is needed is a true cultural leap, so that more and more businesses and industries will be aware of their impact and their role, but above all the fact that all this no longer be postponed. It’s perhaps the only way to give a jolt to the economy and the future of our countries.

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