A tree love story

Feb 14, 2016 | written by:

At this time of the year when everyone have heart-shaped eyes, I want to tell you the story of a true love, one of those you don't see every day and leave you breathless.

'Flowers and Trees', the first colour cartoon produced by Walt Disney in 1932 and included in the Silly Symphonies series, talking about trees, flowers, mushrooms, birds, centipedes and especially love, the green one. The cold winter is now over and spring awakens nature: a young tree courts the elegant and beautiful female tree planted next to him dedicating her romantic songs. But, leitmotiv of every fairy tale, there is always someone ready to put a spanner in the works. An envious, old, gaunt tree tries in vain to seduce the female but, being refused, he decided to take revenge setting fires. In the face of threat, the inhabitants of the forest undertake to douse the flames and, in the end, everything worked out fine. As in any self-respecting fairy tale, the happy ending is a true declaration of love where nature wins.

The film, which won an Academy Award, shows an anthropomorphism of nature, where men and living beings coexist in the same habitat.

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