Adidas, a sustainable company

Nov 06, 2015 | written by:

Adidas: who doesn’t have one? We wear them when we want to be comfortable or when we go out for running and relax ourselves. We have broken or worn out several pairs and bought again in different colors and patterns. This only if we mention shoes, but then there are also t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, suits, bags and so on.

Yet, only a few probably know that the German multinational corporation is particularly careful with the environment and sustainability, a strategy rooted in its values ​and for this reason it’s ranked third in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the Wolrd. Alexis Haass, Director of Brand Sustainability in Adidas, is leading the company to continuously integrate sustainability into its business activities, using innovative methods to make its products while minimizing its environmental footprint and improving the lives of factory workers.

The commitments taken on by Adidas are many, among the most forthcoming there is the one related to use only sustainable cotton by 2018. The project has been strongly supported and integrated in the general effort to move towards better possibilities, in particular to recycled polyester, also for all the others materials.

This past year Adidas also announced the partnership with Parley for the Ocean, an organization that brings together environmentalists, scientists and businesses to attack the problem of ocean pollution. Haass explains that not only it fits well into the existing goal to transition materials to recycled polyester, but also promotes recycling in a cool and engaging way to consumers. The total of all these activities and projects, for Alexis and also for Adidas, is to make the sustainable choices easy and automatic in the eyes of consumers and companies.

The most effective way to create sustainability change is to make it happen with littlest effort.Alexis will be in London next 16th and18th November for the Sustainable Brands 2015, an annual event attended by other innovator companies in the field of sustainability in order to exchange views, ideas and business cases.

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