'Ai Pioppi', the first ecological Made in Italy recreation ground

May 19, 2016 | written by:

It's called 'Ai Pioppi' and it is the first zero electricity amusement park for the enjoyment of kids and adults. It represents a real sustainable alternative to the most famous entertainment parks in the world and it’s located in Treviso, Italy.

We must go back in time to know its history, more precisely to 1969, when Bruno Ferrin, born in 1937, decided to combine his activities bakers yeast seller to a second profession and who opened, with his wife Marisa, a tavern in a poplar grove that he bought near the Piave.

The beginning is approximately like this: a forest of poplars, a wooden table, sausages, polenta, bread and cheese. At some point, however, the idea to create games for the children arrived in his mind: after the first swing more complex attractions began to take shape, inspired by the natural movements (like a trembling leaf, a falling branch, a rolling stone) and using recycled materials found here and there.

Forty-seven years after its official opening the amusement park has about 40 attractions (swings, slides, trampolines, roller coasters, loop the loop, the cableway, the pendulum, the wheel inspired by Vitruvian man, brass knuckles, the cages, chains and many others) built entirely by hand and spread over 30,000 square meters of land surrounded by poplars, beeches, chestnut trees, oaks and birches. All the rides are approved and are subjected to continuous maintenance by the staff of Pioppi in order to ensure an experience of playing in complete safety: the smaller ones are produced independently, while for larger ones the family relies on a study of professionals and engineers.

This special recreation ground doesn’t need electricity or it only takes very little quantity. Everything works with kinetic, gravitational, electrostatic and human forces. The price of a trip 'Ai Pioppi'? It is all free, provided that you may taste the specialties of the house instead of your picnic basket.

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