Air pollution is the dangerous killer of our time

Nov 12, 2015 | written by:

Pollution is a problem that now involves the whole planet; both the industrial countries and the areas far away from civilization that, by air and by water, suffer the negative effects of this phenomenon.

According to the data emerging from a recent study carried out by researchers at the Max Planck Institute every year 3,3 million people die because of poor air quality and the deaths are expected to reach 6,6 million by 2050 if emissions continue to increase at current growth rates. The analysis has provided shocking results: the smog is the main cause of premature death in Asian countries (mainly India and China) where, the most health damage derives from heaters' and household kitchens' emissions.

The emissions formed from traffic and energy production, in the USA, claims victims while in Europe the fine dust from agriculture cause deaths. The massive use of fertilizers in the fields and the intensive farming cause the production of harmful substances dangerous for humans and environment. The smog that causes heart attacks, strokes, respiratory diseases and lung cancer is a problem that must be addressed and, in case of non-action, the outlooks are more gray than ever.

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