Albania fights against deforestation

Feb 18, 2016 | written by:

Albania cares about its forests and says stop cutting down trees: the exploitation has become excessive and there is a risk of an ecological catastrophe.

It dates back a few days ago the decision of the Albanian Government to ban the felling of forests for the next 10 years with the aim of curbing the rampant, illegal and unauthorized deforestation. The law was very favourably received by the Parliament and has been approved by 101 of 140 deputies of the National Assembly.

The phenomenon has reached impressive levels in recent years: before 1990 forested areas occupied 51% of the Albanian territory while today we speak of a poor 25%. A truly alarming fact for the entire ecosystem and for the country which has been faced with more and more frequent flooding. The only cuts forests allowed, for the next decade, will be those required to make available, to the people who live in rural areas, firewood to keep warm.

The timber will be sold to citizens and municipalities will use the proceeds to plant new trees, for an Albania always greener.

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