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United States are a lot of things: the Statue of Liberty is one of its symbols as well as the stars and stripes flag or the skyscrapers, but U.S. – and I’m not joking - are also… chestnuts.

It is important for you to know that the American chestnut has been an essential part of the ecosystem of the United States' eastern part for thousands years, as well as an important food source for a wide variety of fauna and an essential element for the industry. However from 1904 everything changed: this species has been affected by a fungus from Asia, known as chestnut cortical cancer, which condemned these trees to extinction.



Recognized the serious impact of the disappearance on American's economy and ecology the American Chestnut Foundation, founded by a group of scientists, is now aiming to restore the chestnut trees in the forests along the East coast growing genetically resistant bacteria trees. Scientists, through extensive testing, have crossed the Chinese chestnut with the American ones, inserting into the last species the genetic material necessary for bacteria immunity typical of the Asian species.

The Americans trees are not only becoming resistant to this bacterium but, at the same time, they are able to retain all them positive qualities, such as the stature and the wood quality.


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