Angry Birds and Prince William Fight Together Against Poaching

Nov 17, 2014 | written by:

Last month, we featured the grand march against illegal poaching that is threatening the existence of elephants and rhinoceroses. Thousands of people around the world gathered to protest the abuse and violation of these animals. Now, a new person has joined the fight: The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

As president of United for Wildlife, he is teaming up with the popular and highly addictive game app, Angry Birds to bring light to a mammal who most have never even heard of: a scaly anteater named pangolin.

The pangolin, found in Asia and Africa, are hunted for their meat and their scales, which are seen as traditional medicine. More than one million have been traded in the last decade, which makes them critically endangered.

Since most members of the public are not aware of this specie, Angry Birds, which has an estimated 200 million players worldwide, is holding a week-long tournament which will feature pangolins as its stars. The hope is that young audiences will become aware of these animals; there will be a feature during the game to learn more about the pangolin.

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