AREEA, the drink that cleans your body from pollution

May 09, 2016 | written by:

Drink to purify yourself. Certainly it’s not new: water and lemon juice, a glass of hot water in the morning, tea or antioxidants syrups. In the last period, the culture of purify, born from the world of beauty, has also affected other areas of well-being till to involve the whole body. Prime example is the Detox, a method to lose weight, but especially with the aim of giving a body free from waste and toxins presented in the environment or in the food industry.

That of slag and toxins that come into contact with our bodies, but also ingested or breathed, is an important issue and should not be underestimated. Even the World Health Organization has studied the effects of pollution in many cities around the world and results estimate that each year about seven million people die of premature death for pollution. An ambitious challenge to be overcome would be to reduce or eliminate these deaths perhaps with a drink that purifies body.

In fact, the winner of the challenge is already there. It’s the Italian startup AREEA which creates a drink that contains a particular enzyme able to clean our body from the effects of pollution. It moved its first steps about a year ago, May of 2015, but its co-founders Antimo Farid Mir and Jacopo Mele have kept it secret: there weren’t the necessary validations and all the controls to ensure that the product really do what it promised. AREEA is born when Antimo began to scrutinize through all the academic research available on Google Scholar on possible solutions to combat pollution. The decisive cue came from a search of Johns Hopkins University which signaled the identification of a natural active ingredient, an enzyme, capable of purifying the human organism from benzene, the toxic particle that causes the onset of tumors caused by pollution.

The next step was to involve Jacopo who at the time was working on the project Sensoma, a constant monitoring of environmental conditions. Already reported by Forbes as one of the most influential young people under 30 in Europe, he could support the project with his network and his passion for the subject. The team was also enriched by a food technician; this figure was needed to put together the new drink, and was found in the person of Carmine Landi, a researcher at the University of Salerno and author of numerous scientific publications on the topic. After waiting and testing, finally the drink was ready, but how to turn it into a business? It was the turn of Antimo, who studied in London and knows the environment, comes into contact with those of Cinnamon Bridge, the accelerator dedicated to food technology leading in UK and potentially in Europe. Cinnamon Bridge selects 5 startups twice a year from over 500 application that arrive from all over the world.

AREEA was one of those five. Here it turns out, thanks to CEO Kastytis Kemezys, that products like AREEA are perfectly on target with the Asian market that has always been a supporter of a culture about the consumption of natural wellness products (instead, Europe is still skeptical towards conceived foods and drinks as AREEA, preferring to devote itself to gluten-free or lactose-free trend). In London also came out the first investors who understood how the new portentous drink is in between nutraceuticals and soft drinks, fitting in the space that sees investments on health move towards prevention with products aimed at younger demographics and increasingly attentive to this type of issues. At this point, all the steps necessary to create the drink of the benefits were made, but the launch? The big jump in the market is scheduled for September 2016, but the first real public appearance of the miracle drink will be during SeedsAndChips in Milan, from 11th to 14th May, where you can try it in world premiere and start purify drinking and combat pollution.

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