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For many businesses, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to reach customers with targeted campaigns, promotions or special editions.

Berlucchi, the winery synonymous with Franciacorta, knows that Christmas is also the time to remind its consumers of the values that guide and inspire them every day.  Again this year, Berlucchi has chosen Treedom to highlight its commitment to sustainability and make a concrete contribution to the planet's well-being.

Romina Castelletti, Berlucchi's marketing manager, is the best person to tell us how this collaboration – repeated for the second year running in 2020 – first came about and how it's evolved.

Romina, how did you get to know Treedom and what need did this collaboration meet? 

Sustainability is a fundamental value for Berlucchi that we are committed to putting into practice, in part by supporting activities in our area. We participate in the Ita.Ca project for monitoring carbon dioxide emissions and promoting conservative and sustainable viticulture, we've chosen to install a photovoltaic system that covers 40% of the company's energy needs, and we've gradually halved our water consumption. 

After discovering Treedom and the possibilities it had offered to many major companies, we immediately thought it was the ideal partner for a project to reach our final consumers and tell them about Berlucchi's all-round eco-sustainable commitment.

The idea of being able to create a Berlucchi forest immediately excited us, because it responded to our engagement goal, allowing customers to become part of the initiative by adopting a tree.

How did you monitor customer reactions and what prompted you to renew the collaboration for 2020?

In 2019, we launched the collaboration with Treedom by creating the "Berlucchi '61 for Treedom" package with two of our best-loved Franciacortas (61 Brut and 61 Satèn) especially for those we considered most sensitive to the issue: a young and environmentally conscious target.

The results exceeded our expectations: not only did the "Berlucchi '61 for Treedom" packages sell out, and the initiative benefit from great media exposure, but we also had some surprises in the target we reached. Millennials, who were our main target, only formed part of the audience we reached with this collaboration, which also convinced older generations and the brand's most loyal customers.

It was , therefore, a natural step to renew the project for 2020 with some new features: eco-friendly packaging made of certified sustainable paper, with special graphics and cards for the project, and an expansion of our forest, bringing the number of trees Berlucchi has planted in Cameroon to 1300. 

Which company values has the collaboration with Treedom responded to?

The "Berlucchi '61 for Treedom" package arose as an expression of the company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.  After focusing on making the internal activities that lead to producing our Franciacortas more sustainable, we decided to think of actions that also directly involve our final consumers. By choosing our Franciacortas, and in particular the "Berlucchi '61 for Treedom" project, our customers know they're choosing a company that's environmentally friendly not only in its production chain but also in its final product, which in this case has helped plant a tree.

What do you think Treedom's added value is?

We think Treedom is doing a great job making the issue of sustainability more engaging for everyone. We like the idea of creating a portal with captivating graphics and of "engaging" users: not only in initiating a "good" action (planting a tree), but also in making them feel part of its story. With Treedom, in short, you can grasp the benefits of what we've done together: the CO₂ absorbed, the evolving life of the tree, the photos of the farmer and the community that takes care of it and has helped with its adoption.

We can only say to Treedom: keep it up.

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