Best perfume comes from a Mexican plant, which makes perfume industry more eco-friendly

Sep 15, 2014 | written by:


Flowers are already a part of the perfume industry because of their persistent scents, but not often do we hear about them as an alternative to a greener ambergris substance, the ingredient that allows perfumes to last longer. Ambergris is found in the digestive system of whales and had been used in many perfumes until its ban in various countries. Since then, companies have turned to a synthetic solution.


Now, the Mexican plant Ageratina jocotepecana offers a natural alternative, giving the perfume industry more green credibility and offering hundreds of jobs in Mexico.

Researchers analyzed whether the process would be both environmentally friendly and profitable. They decided that even though the plant would make the fuel-consuming journey to Europe, where most of our favorite perfumes are made, it would still generate profits of $20 million per year.


Profitability and sustainability? We approve.   


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