Beth Moon and her Trees

Nov 30, 2015 | written by:

Photography is undoubtedly an art, a fascinating and powerful technique at the same time. It allows you to capture the beautiful things in life that you really don't want to forget and to make them present, almost permanent, in spite of all the nature's laws.

Beth Moon, an American photographer originally from San Francisco, loves trees and for fourteen years she has been travelling around the globe, to the farthest ends of the Earth, looking for ancient, majestic and rare trees to immortalize them forever. From the USA to Asia to reach then Europe, Middle East and Africa chasing a love that could not be stopped.

Every tree (grown in isolated places, in the mountains, in private homes or in urban environments) have a history, a way of life, an identity that Beth wanted to immortalize through a series of shots in black and white, about 60 images, collected in the book 'Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time'. These photographs, maybe because of their beauty or maybe because of they approach man to nature, have been exhibited all over the world and below you can see some pictures.



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