Between the Trees in the Kartell Museum

Nov 29, 2015 | written by:

The Kartell museum celebrates 15 years. Any celebrations scheduled? An exhibition that traces 65 years of history of a company symbol of design, winner of nine Golden Compasses, and a site-specific installation made by the artist Stefano Arienti. And when does the party start? It's already started in October and will continue until next April 2016. Of course, we are all invited. The will to renew, involving Stefano Arienti, was dictated by the desire to not let down all the creative energy born and developed with and by Expo, but pick it up and capitalize it at the best, paying tribute to the Milanese capital.

The site-specific installation is placed in the large hall of the museum, onto which the two plans, that accommodate the permanent collection of the company, are exposed. The work called 'Between the Trees' consists of cloths 9 meters tall, made of anti-dust scaffolding sheeting, white, light and semi-transparent, on which the artist painted by hand, with a gold ink, stylized trees for their entire height. At their feet, with the same technique, are painted some iconic Kartell products. The gold ink was chosen on the purpose to ennoble a raw material and to highlight new aesthetic.  



The idea is to create an experiential path, realizing a dreaming place to cross and look between transparency and prospection, as a wood a garden or a yard of a building of the old Milan. Visitors, who can also enjoy guided tours through the museum dedicated app, will experience an intimate story that will be different for each of them. Milan, nature, design and art find ways to express themselves in the headquarters where the museum lives since 1999.

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