Bio-on: green plastic for future toys

Dec 23, 2015 | written by:

Plastic, plastic and plastic again! We all know how this material, obtained by processing oil, non-biodegradable and polluting is constantly part of our lifes.

I know, you know and even those of Bio-on know, a Bolognese company specialising in the production of environmentally sustainable materials that has decided to create a new type of bio-plastics, designed for future toys. This eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, safe and hygienic material is obtained from bacterial molecules called PHA, in other words polyhydroxyalkanoates, originated from the natural fermentation of the bacteria powered by agricultural by-products.

So the company has launched, in 2014, the Minerv PHA Supertoys project to realize, with these plastics obtained from renewable vegetable sources of waste, the most world-famous building block, Legos. The project, which will be completed by 2017 with the creation of two different types of plastic (Minerv Supertoys type R with strong rigidity and strength and Minerv Supertoys type F with great flexibility and ductility), to this day, has no commercial purpose and aims to demonstrate that it's possible to realize toys that respect children and environment without sacrificing the functionality and aesthetics of the product, in view of a better and green future.

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