BiosPHera, the home of the future that produces energy

Mar 17, 2016 | written by:

The home of the future has the heating off even if outside temperatures are below zero and at the moment it is about to begin its 12 months tour around Italy between cities with different climates: Courmayeur, Turin, Rome, Rimini, Aosta and Milan. Yes, because in order to prevent overcrowding of the cities of the coming years and to respond to requests that Europe wants by 2020 (energy building parameters equal to zero), it does not pollute, measures 25 square meters and you can move it as a container.

In case of need, you can always stick between their other modules to expand spaces. To achieve BiosPHera 2.0, this the name of the prototype of the futuristic home installed on March 1 in Courmayeur, have collaborated bioconstructing Aktivhaus, Turin Polytechnic and the University of Valle d'Aosta (plus various institutions, organizations and twenty companies that have supplied materials). BiosPHera 2.0 is a home alive and active capable of producing energy in greater quantities compared to how much of it is consumed and able to ensure ideal temperatures without having a traditional heating system.

In case internal temperature goes down, just doing some flexions or a ride on a special exercise bike, connected by electric accumulators, and temperatures is up again: two degrees per hour. The idea is to also use the heat radiated from the human body, rather than disperse as it normally is conveyed to other uses. BiosPHera tour will not only be a way to make the project known, to test pollution filters and house resistance in different climates - from below zero to over 39 degrees - but it will especially understand if it’s possible to live well not only on theory. Because of course, features are all there, including that of being able to hold out for four days in complete autonomy thanks to the eight solar panels, boiler of 200 liters and induction cooker, but obviously people are missed to this plan.

The first to try it were the five project creator guys of Politecnico di Torino, inaugurating it with a pajama party and keeping the windows open even though there was snow outside, thanks to the heat generated by the house itself. Everyone else interested to live and sleep inside the house of the future in one of the tour stages, can easily write to


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