Bitponics: the system that monitors hydroponics

Nov 10, 2015 | written by:

Taking care of plants, as you maybe already know, is not so simple: you water them regularly, you make sure that they receive the necessary light, you protect them during seasonal changes (hot/cold) and you guarantee the right nourishment.

If you need help, 'Bitponics', the system that allows anyone to track indoor hydroponics (the crops that use liquid solutions rich of nutrients instead of the classic ground), will be your gardening's personal assistant. The hardware equipped with Wi-Fi, born in Brooklyn from the brilliant minds of Amit Kumar, Jack Bishop and Chris Piuggi, connects through sensors to the farming system and, thanks to developing plans, continuously monitors the pH, the temperature, the light and the moisture, some important factors for the plants' growth.

The collected data are accessible to the user through the web at any time, and if there is something wrong, the 'Bitponics' system forwards alert notifications and provides helpful reminders. The hardware also facilitates the learning of new types of farming, allows you to experiment and to develop and share cropping plans with others users.

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