BMW eRR, the electric German superbike

Nov 18, 2015 | written by:

The vehicles' future is electric and BMW is up with the times. A few days before EICMA 2015, the most important worldwide exposition for the two-wheeled vehicles, the German carmaker has announced the birth of the experimental prototype eRR, a supersport bike similar in terms of design and chassis to S 1000 RR but with electric motor.

For some years, BMW is showing a visionary and sustainable approach in the automotive sector (with the i3 and i8) and in the motorcycle area (with the C Evolution scooter) investing on zero-emission mobility and on revolutionary design (aluminum chassis and body made from carbon fiber). With the prototype eRR, the Bavarian car company broadens their horizons and shows the possibility of an electric traction (ecological and zero-emission) in a superbike.

Unfortunately, for the moment, there are no other information: German engineers have tight-lipped about the technical characteristics of the vehicle like the motor power, the battery size, the driving range and the acceleration statistics. It is not clear yet if the means of transpor will be produced in series or whether it will be a one-off.

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