BMW i3: eco-sustainable driving experience

Sep 29, 2015 | written by:

It’s not easy to write about cars, eco-sustainability and CO2 emissions. But what if I tell you that there are now a cars which are real example of fully environmental sustainability?

Electric cars by BMW can drastically reduce CO2 emissions as they do not work using combustion engine. The driving experience is silent (and it smells not bad ;)) and it has nothing less than the traditional one.

What it is important to underline, it’s that the entire production process is based on renawable power, such as wind and hydroelectric energy: in this way BMW is able to keep CO2 emissions lower (50% less than in traditional production process) as well to reduce water consuption up to 70%.

Materials used to realize cars cabins have been chosen in an eco-sustainability perspective as well:

  • kenaf yarn, coming from mallow plant, is used in the cabin both for doors and dashboard as an alternative to synthetic materials;
  • sheared wool upholsters seats of the Lodge fitting;
  • eucalyptus wood - worked without using chemicals materials- characterizes some cabins details.


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