Brazil fights against deforestation

Dec 06, 2015 | written by:

COP 21, the international climate conference held in Paris in December, began with a poor figure for Brazil that has seen an increase of 16% in deforestation.

Satellite data have revealed, indeed, that approximately 5,831 square kilometres of forest were cut down or burned in the Brazilian Amazon in 2015, despite the government efforts (high-tech monitoring, financial penalties and boots on the ground) to combat this devastating phenomenon for the planetary ecosystem. The fault is of industrial agriculture and intensive farming practiced on the territory, especially in the area of Mato Grosso, in Rondônia and Amazonas.

Deforestation is the main cause of climate change with 15% of greenhouse gas emissions but not only; the 57% of plant and animal species that inhabit the forest are threatened with extinction at current rates of deforestation. In this unpromising frame it is important to remember that even significant progress have been made: the average rates of deforestation over the last four years have decreased by 80% and Brazil has set the goal of eliminating illegal logging by 2030. Even if this war is far from being won, there are also hopes of a better future.


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