Brunello Cucinelli and his “For the beauty” Italian project

Dec 03, 2014 | written by:


What makes a country so nice? Its green! Plains, mountains, hills finally freed from the concrete is the heart of the plan of social commitment presented by Brunello Cucinelli, a successful Italian businessman and founder of Brunello Cucinelli Spa, with his friend landscape architect Massimo De Vico at Piccolo Teatro in Milan. There, where today there are six industrial warehouses of 240 cubic meters (35,000 square feet), out of a total of 11 hectares of land, the project "For the beauty" includes the creation of three parks, at the foot of 'ancient medieval village of Solomeo (Italy), "to return the land to its millennial nature," proudly says the Umbrian businessman during an interview.

Next to the Industry Park it will rise the Laic Oratory, with a small stadium without barriers, set in six acres of woods and meadows, where kids can work out. To complete the green area there will then be the Agricultural Park: seventy acres of land intended for orchards, vineyards, olive groves and orchards in addition to crops of wheat, corn and sunflower that will supply the canteen of the company and the people of the village. "The Park Industry will promote the dignity of work, the Oratory will enhance our future and the Agricultural park will enhance the sustainable nature and beautiful, giving dignity to the campaign - explains Cucinelli - There are so many vacant factories, why not begin to restore those instead of building new ones? Sure it costs a little 'more, but in the end it is all gain." And we agree. Sustainability means improving the quality of life, both in the present and for future generations, but it also means the combination of economic and socio- environmental development. Such initiatives are not an expense but an investment, they make good to the businesses that support them, because they are highly appreciated by all the stakeholders concerned and, in general, by society. It is not the first and will not be the latest example of how the responsible management of the enterprise is a viable business strategy, in terms of competitiveness and therefore economic growth. But not all. An action of Corporate Social Responsibility is a perfect and effective marketing strategy when it becomes news of which all major Italian newspapers write. This is the new frontier of marketing.

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