Buzzed, the yarn made with beer

Nov 20, 2015 | written by:

Few days ago, we talked about how beer the drink so much loved and consumed in the world, in particular how its manufacturing produces a large amount of waste, about 85% of the byproduct, and many liters of water are used to extract only one of the nectar of gods. Today, coming back to the same topic, we would like to tell you about the great idea of 3Dom, an American company founded in 2014, to better use beer waste.

In practice, 3Dom is an innovative 3-D printing accessory company, which began its activities with the sale of spools of filaments made from eco-friendly coffee beans to be used for printing in 3D; and recently they have created a line of filament made from beer brewing waste called Buzzed. Their sponsorship remark was and is "We just hate to see a good beer go to waste" that can surely be nicely interpreted in different ways, but the philosophy behind the product is to give a new life to materials which would have otherwise ended up decomposing in a landfill.

‘Buzzed' is 100% bio-based, spools are compatible with any 3-D printing machine using PLA. It also has a golden hue and natural grain of the filament give any printed product a distinct look and feel. That color looks perfect for creating the ultimate beer stein, a perfect way to symbolize the circle of a brew’s life.

Do you want to buy a spool, too? Click here, 3Dom delivers all over the world.

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