California bill would help low-income car owners switch to electric vehicles

Sep 15, 2014 | written by:

Electric cars are becoming more common in certain regions of the US, including the state of California. However, aside from limited charging ports for electric vehicle owners throughout cities, the pretentiousness of owning an EV is another issue. For example, a family earning an income of more than $100k will receive a $2,500 rebate for purchasing a clean car, yet a low-income family still lacks availability and easy access to an EV.

In addition, this bill provides an alternative incentive for families to retire their old used cars and not have to trade it in for an EV. A payment of $3,000 dollars will be given to these families for public transit or other forms of transformation.


The goal is to fill Californian roads with a million low or zero emission cars by January 2023.

Do you think these incentives will aid with this goal?


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