Camper for Ethical Fashion Initiative

May 02, 2016 | written by:

In the world of fashion, ethics starts to trend: the 'good' joins the 'beautiful' and the interest in manufacturing processes that help sustainable development is alongside the study of lines and colors.

So Ethical Fashion Initiative, the flagship program of the International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations that connects talented but marginalised artisans in Sub-Saharan Africa and Haiti with the international fashion industry comes into contact with Camper, the Spanish shoe brand family owned. A new long-term partnership that aims to produce a limited edition footwear collection each year, creating fair and dignified employment in Ethiopia, while minimising the impact on the environment and spreading a better management of the production process.

For Spring/Summer 2016, Ethiopian artisans with their skills and their unique techniques, have worked to create a unisex shoe and sandal made from local Bati goat leather, taking a cue from local Mallorcan farmers who wore these designs over a century ago. Tie Dye techniques, used for centuries in different regions of West Africa, have been applied to the leather using natural dyes giving the handcrafted and sustainable produced a psychedelic twist.

The capsule collection consists on three different options for both men and women available in different colors (blue, green and orange) and will be sold at CamperLab select stores and online on the website.

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