Carbon Engineering Technology to Turn Pollution into Low Cost Fuel

Sep 02, 2015 | written by:

Carbon Engineering (CE), a Canadian company based in Calgary and focused on air-capture technologies, planned and created an innovative system inspired by the physiological working process of plants and trees. This system aims at capturing CO2 emissions and pollution already existing in the atmosphere and it consists of a modular wall with giant fans able to absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into carbonates and then into low cost fuels thanks to a special drenched filter.

David Keith, the Carbon Engineering director and Harvard professor, said the system works as a natural tree but also wanted to specify that their goal is not replacing plants and vegetal sources around the world, but helping all those places without vegetation to tackle and eliminate the pollution. The modular wall, indeed, is able to catch at least 80% of CO2 emissions for each module and eliminate the dioxide created by 350.000 typical cars thanks to 20.000 modules. The Carbon Engineering’s giant wall air contractor designed to ingest air and remove CO2 from it could be a very revolutionary conquest to solve two of the main environmental issues in the planet: the climate change and the energy sources shortage.

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