Carlsberg Italy presents a special sustainability report

Aug 01, 2015 | written by:

The official beer of the Italian Pavilion at Expo reveals the numbers of the sustainability report. The production on the rise, but with less 7500 tons of CO2.

The sustainability report is not made of just numbers and reams of documents. Carlsberg Italy at Expo 2015 presents a very special corporate Sustainability Report, which uses intuitive graphic and slogan, to communicate the environmental and social commitment.

Made in collaboration with the young journalists of “Giornalisti nell’Erba", a national and international project of environmental journalism and communication, the sustainability report comes from the usual business parameters and become immediate, intuitive, easy to understand, without the numbers lose importance! Just take a look to know that decreased water consumption (-6 percent) and CO2 emissions per hectolitre of product (-3.6 percent). As compared with a reduction of 10 percent (in 2014) the production of waste, the total (100 percent) was started to recover. Also decrease the consumption of electricity (-2.5 percent), compared to a production increase of 13 percent over the previous year.

Results achieved thanks to the new system of tapping DraughMaster, incredibly low environmental impact. Launched in 2011, this system provides first PET packaging of beer, which offers many benefits, such as increased content protection, longer life of the closed shaft (9 months versus 6 months Steel), longer life once opened (31 days compared to about 4 steel). In addition it removes the carbon dioxide for tapping; so emissions were reduced by 7,500 tons only in 2014, "the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed in one year by more than 302,000 trees," says Alberto Frausin, CEO of the group. "That started in Carlsberg Italy is a 'culture of sustainability'," continues Frausin. "It is a commitment to research and cultural promotion”.

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