Carnival nature by Mila García

Feb 02, 2016 | written by:

During Carnival every joke counts... and confetti, Mardi Gras fritters and masks can not be missed! Some people think about having fun, dressing up and making jokes but there are even those who, during this ancient festival, do not forget the Planet and send positive message towards nature.

Mila García is a Spanish journalist and illustrator with a passion for communication, art and painting. She loves making collages with colored paper, putting together small pieces to create different stories (to see them just visit her website). For Carnival, she realized a project completely dedicated to green called 'Taking care of nature is not a farce'.

The artwork speaks and sends us a loud and clear message: in everyday life there are things that have to be not taken seriously, but nature is not one of them! We have to take care, protect and preserve her as long as possible because she has always been kind and generous to us and, at least this favor, we have to give it back.

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