Christian Marin Community Center in Paris

Jan 11, 2016 | written by:

In the suburbs of Paris, architecture and environment shake their hands and the result of this surprising alliance is nothing more than a green-roofed wooden passive building, a community center that satisfy the majority of its energy and heat requirements using only the solar radiation and the heat generated inside the structure during the different seasons, without using conventional heating or cooling system.

The building, called Christian Marin Community Center, is part of an urban renovation project taking place in the Saint-Martin district and is designed by the Guillaume Ramillien Architecture company to enriching the available architectural offer and highlight the ecological engagement of the area. The community center expands from the ground floor up to the first floor and has a green roof that will soon be covered with flower plantations. It also has large windows that communicate with the outdoor spaces and it is covered with raw wood, material in contrasts with the surrounding architecture. The interior has four large rooms, communicating with each other through a central atrium, which are used for various activities for kids and teenagers, association's meetings and other events.

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