Cities of the future are built using nature

Nov 20, 2015 | written by:

For many years we have changed the surrounding environment for our own aims to conform it to our wishes and life's needs but today, because of climate change increasingly looming and natural disasters, we have to try new approaches. Buildings and other structures were built without considering the ecological consequences and now, while nature (fragile and powerful at the same time) is starting to rebel, we have to do something.

The Ecological Society of America, a nonprofit organization that promotes ecological science, is grappled with the design of the city of new generation and with their infrastructure. The idea is simple and clear: instead of checking and changing environment constantly and brutally you must try to be in harmony and work with it. We can host green plants and trees in our living spaces, we can take advantage of storms', tides' and floods' forces and, finally, we can mix structures made of concrete and steel with vegetation getting obvious practical benefit.

The presence of plant life guarantees a cleaner air, helping to insulate the surfaces and to control the temperature and also helps the citizens to get in touch with the natural world without colliding.

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