Climate Change by Jill Pelto

Feb 13, 2016 | written by:

It sounds like a fairy tale, one of those that starts with 'Once upon a time ...', but this is a story of our times and concerns a girl named Jill Pelto graduated two months ago from the University of Maine with a double major in Art and Earth Science. Her thesis project is about what she does every day: explore ways to communicate science through art. Everything started assisting researchers in the glaciers of Washington State, in Antarctica and in the Falkland Islands, observing nature as if it was a work of art, but unfortunately, also observing climate change: melting glaciers, threatened species, disappeared habitats and deforestation.

The data collected create lines of many Cartesian graphs, understandable to experts at one glance, but ... not much for everyone else. Jill’s goal was to make them clear to these others, broadening the collective horizon on scientific themes and spreading the problems of climate change. Jill did it using her other passion: art. By coloring the spaces left empty by lines, explained the loss of glacier mass, the risk of extinction for the arctic fox due to changes that its natural habitat has suffered, the increase of spontaneous fires due to higher temperatures. The next trip, and the next data-designs will be those who will gather in Canada, where the caribou are rapidly disappearing.

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