Club Watt in Rotterdam, the first ecosustainable disco in Europe

Apr 14, 2016 | written by:

If you dance you produce energy, illuminating the dance floor. Where? At Club Watt in Rotterdam, the first ecosustainable disco in Europe which respects the energy saving's principles and spreads an environmentally friendly lifestyle among young people. The place of green excess par excellence, inaugurated in 2008 and designed by the architectural firm Döll-Atelier voor Bouwkunst in collaboration with Enviu, an innovator in the field of environmental sustainability, is based on one simple concept: no waste.

The mechanical energy produced by the movement of 1400 dancers, indeed, is converted into electrical energy, for a quantity equal to 30% of the requirements necessary for the operation of the structure. The tiles that make up the dance floor are sensitive to the pressure exerted by the weight of people and when someone jumps on them, they slip a centimeter down accumulating energy while an interactive light show tells to all present in real-time the data on overall and individual modules' energy production.

The rainwater harvesting system, equipped with a tank placed on the roof of the club, allows to save 50% of water useful to flush the toilets. The bar is also sustainable: it serves only soft drinks on tap and it uses power-saving LEDs, recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Watt is the first prototype of green disco but the company hopes to sell early the technology to other clubs.

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