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A successful company leaves a long-lasting mark, but no trace on the environment!

The easiest way for a company to show its commitment to the environment is to become CO2neutral. That can be achieved by offsetting the CO2 emissions that the business generates.

Treedom produces specific assessments on CO2 emissions for businesses, and offers the ability to neutralize them by planting trees. The trees are planted within projects that have a high social impact, and every tree in the corporate forest is visible online using Google Maps.

Treedom can calculate emissions deriving from:

- Products and services,

- Websites,

- Corporate fleet

- Corporate offices, retail stores and manufacturing plants,

- Corporate events.

CO2Neutral is a registered trademark and may be applied as a green label on products, websites and brochures.

What are the goals?

  • green marketing strategy,
  • obtaining a competitive advantage,
  • environmental and CSR communications.

Treedom collaborates with local and international partners for scientific research on global warming, reforestation, sustainability, CSR, micro drones, LCA and the carbon footprint. Treedom's partners include: AECF, Università della Tuscia, pwc, The global compact, Ministero dell'Ambiente.

Corporate clients: more than 140 companies in the world have already chosen us!

For more information on Treedom:

Treedom S.r.l. in Italy

Via di mezzo 10/r - 50121 Florence, Italy

Phone - Fax +39 055 0503228 

Treedom Inc. in the US

3110 Main Street, The Annex, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone +1.424.666.1755


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