Coca-Cola, on its way to a more sustainable production

Nov 04, 2014 | written by:

What is the first brand that comes to mind when we think of a carbonated soft drink? Coca-Cola, of course. And the red of its brand. Coca-Cola has invested a lot of money and time to associate the red to his mark on the labels on the bottles and, of course, on the cans. What drives a multinational so attentive to his business as The Coca-Cola Company to leave his traditional color for a more fresh, light and healthy green?

Last year, the Colossus of Atlanta launched in Latin America the Coca-Cola Life. What is so special? It’s a beverage at low caloric intake, because sweetened with the usual sugar, and a part of stevia, a plant native to Central America whose leaves have a sweetening power even 45 times higher than that of sucrose, but, contrary to this latter, its active ingredients have no nutritional value (zero calories). This is to give the idea of ​a healthier drink. This attempt to make the famous drink less harmful to health is perfectly combined with a packaging completely renovated: an important decision that calls into play the strategies of a brand which has based much of its marketing on its iconic cans and bottles. In fact, the Coca-Cola brand leaves the traditional red to become "green" in the logo, color chosen to remember exactly natural and healthy things, as it promises to be the new low-calorie product than the classic version, with a wink to the "health-conscious", which are always detractors of the brand. But there's more, not only an outward change. Coca-Cola Life is part of a wider program of commitment by the company in the direction of green and environmental sustainability. Reduce the environmental impact of packaging is a big problem that many companies are trying to address and from the Coca Cola commitment is born PlantBottle, the new recyclable PET container made ​ using up to 30% of plant materials instead of fossil fuels.

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