Coca-Cola will offset the CMO Summit emissions in collaboration with Treedom

Oct 23, 2015 | written by:

Coca-Cola CMO Summit will be held next October 26th in San Diego, California and more than 70 food service buyers will participate.

The Coca Cola Company will offset the event’s carbon dioxide emissions by planting a mixture of fruit trees in collaboration with us at Treedom: we summarized the estimated total emissions of CO2 produced during the event, considering the impact of transport, utilities, consumption, use of paper, meals and waste. Then we used its innovative methodology for the certification of the accumulation of carbon in trees and, given the total CO2 tons impact, they evaluated the necessary amount of trees to be planted.

Coca-Cola created a sort of forest by adopting some fruit trees (such as mangos, guavas, avocados and moringas) planted within one of our reforestation projects in Kenya.

Trees will be given to participants as gifts in the form of Treecards, pop-up cards that will allow the people to obtain their trees planted in their name. Using the unique code included in the Treecard, the participants will be able to redeem their trees online and then monitor them through the Treedom website.

Coca-Cola can be proud for its first total carbon free event: the total amount of CO2 used to organize this initiative has been given to environment back, being totally ecosustainable.

Further information on the event can be found here

At this link you can monitor the trees adopted by Coca-Cola.



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