Coffee capsules pollute the environment: Hamburg forbids them

Feb 27, 2016 | written by:

“What else?”. Who does not remember the seductive words of George Clooney, chosen as the spokesperson for of the famous brand of coffee capsules Nespresso that caught the imagination of thousands of women all over the world.

The German city of Hamburg, however, is convinced that the options are many other and last month it decided to ban the use of some products and pollutant components in the city administration buildings. Among the many things, coffee pods have been banned because they contain plastic and aluminum materials difficult to be recycled to the point that they can create big ecosystem problems, not to mention the waste of resources and energy used to produce them. Public employees in Hamburg have to go to the bar for drinking a coffee, having it with mocha or with the coffee machine in grains, but certainly they will not be able to use the capsules.

The decision is part of a big environmental protection program, taking into account that the capsules are increasingly common: in Germany the coffee obtained from the capsules are equivalent to about one-eighth of those sold in the country, in the United States about 13% of population consumes every day a cup of espresso made with a coffee capsule machine, in Western Europe in 2013 the sale of capsule machines have exceeded those from filter coffee machines. Every day around the world, on average more than two billion coffee are drunk and a large part of these produces non-recyclable waste.

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