Crown Shyness

Dec 02, 2015 | written by:

The expert hands of Mother Nature are able to create masterpieces. It’s worthless trying to give a few examples: we are sure that everyone, reading these opening words, was thinking about an unforgettable landscape. Today we want to describe an embroidery woven between trees in Malaysia that creates spectacular images.

The foliage of some remarkable trees of Dryobalanops aromatic, if viewed from below, show a green embroidery which has a very special feature: the crowns seem to approach each other, but they never touch, create a well defined space between a tree and another one. The phenomenon is known as Crown Shyness and can be seen only in rare corners of the earth as in Kuala Lumpur. Staying under these species of trees and looking up, it becomes clear that around each tree there is an empty space that separates it from its neighbors. Even today, however, there is no definite explanation. The questions from the world of science began in 1920 to try to give an explanation, but the answers are varied. Some think that the empty space around the crown of the tree can be generated by the breaking of branches and bumps between a branch and the other during the storms due to the strong wind. But the researchers also discovered that the phenomenon is absent when the trees are young and not really high, but it is more frequent once the trees grow in height and are blown by the wind.

Finally, it was also speculated that it could be a defense mechanism to avoid that the insects larvas can spread. But maybe it's just better to accept this great natural beauty with its mystery, letting Mother Nature continues to give us performances like that without trying to discover secrets that so jealously it keeps safe with her since a long time.

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